About AM Cyber, Inc.

Safe. Secure. Together.

AM Cyber is  the brainchild of a group of renowned researchers with an altruistic mission: To ensure the safety of systems and work with stakeholders to address concerns before they become public. The team assesses risk and provides assistance across many industries. The breadth and depth of the AM Cyber team gives a unique perspective when engaging in research, application assessments, interoperability and remediation planning, and other strategic activities. In a nutshell, AM Cyber  is a not-for-profit advocacy, research, and consulting group for critical infrastructure in relation to cybersecurity.

The collective experience stems from ongoing research and involvement in a myriad of transportation, industrial control systems (ICS), operational technologies, big data, software applications, and interoperable mediums (IoT, OT, IT, etc.) These areas include the utility sector, smart grid, healthcare, manufacturing, communications, and the associated human embedded devices in addition to avionics, maritime, rail, intermodal, and both commercial and consumer automotive.

As for not-for-profit organization, AM Cyber advocates for clients through vendor, partner, and manufacturer engagement by means of facilitating open lines of communication. AM Cyber’s goal is to build trusted relationships throughout the industries and break down barriers preventing meaningful change.


Meet our team

It all starts with the knowledge and collaboration of these researchers
Team Member 4Team Member 4

Robert Harnish

Corporate Partner

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Team Member 1Team Member 1

James Bonfield

Malpractice Attorney

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Team Member 3Team Member 3

Amanda Peppers

Finance Attorney

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Team Member 5Team Member 5

Fiona Delmond


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Our Team, In the Press

Read of our latest success, in the press
close up of conference meeting microphones and businessmanclose up of conference meeting microphones and businessman

Marson & Crowley fusion

James Whitefield | May 15th 2015

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Press 2_v2Press 2_v2

The Robinson Case resolution

Amanda Palmer | April 25th 2015

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Press 3_v1Press 3_v1

Update on the Crowley Case

Amanda Palmer | April 5th 2015

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Who our prestige clients are

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