• AM Cyber Understands

    We Have Already Helped Numerous

    Industries And Organizations Just Like You

    The Threats You Face

  • Critical Medical

    Infrastructure Security

    Recent cyber attacks have closed entire hospitals for days

    at a time while others have leaked thousands of sensitive

    patient records. Medical devices are also at risk of

    compromise. What is your plan to protect yourself?

  • Critical Transportation

    Much of the transportation infrastructure including airplanes,

    Infrastructure Security

    freighters, railways, and even the roads are
    vulnerable to attacks in

    today’s world as more systems
    become network-connected.

  • Critical Infrastructure Security for Smart Cities

    AM Cyber, we secure smart

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Who We Are & What We Do

Extensive experience across numerous industries

Public & Private Utilities

Modern society relies on the consistent and safe production of power, water, and other utilities. Too often, these critical public utilities have yet to be effectively secured from cyber attacks.

Medical & Health Services

Protected health information (PHI) and medical devices are at risk now more than ever. Don’t wait until you’re a victim to do something about it.


Air, rail, road, marine, and pipeline transportation infrastructure carry human cargo as well as many hazardous materials.  A cyber attack against this infrastructure may put the public at risk.

Data, Finance, & Business

The information technology revolution has brought with it an explosion of sensitive and confidential data and software systems that must be secured, and in many cases audited as well.

Manufacturing & Construction

It is essential to secure construction and manufacturing processes.  These processes are targets for cyber-espionage as well as planting security “back doors” which could compromise all users.

Communications & IoT

Voice and data networks have existed for many years, but the growth of “smart cities” and the “Internet of Things” (IoT) places even more importance on secure communications infrastructure.

Critical Business, Software, & Data Infrastructure Security

Many types of manufacturing and service delivery in the private sector are increasingly reliant on Internet-connected devices and applications. Don’t let a cyber attack stop your business from functioning.


Meet our security researchers


Michael Yelland

Chief Research Officer

AM Cyber Founder


Chris Roberts

Chief Security Architect

AM Cyber Principal


Fred Wilmot

VP of Security Engineering

AM Cyber Principal


Billy Rios

White Scope

AM Cyber Principal

Our Team, In the Press

Read of our latest success, in the press

Marson & Crowley fusion

James Whitefield | May 15th 2015

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The Robinson Case resolution

Amanda Palmer | April 25th 2015

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Update on the Crowley Case

Amanda Palmer | April 5th 2015

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What our clients think of us

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Jennifer Crown


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Darwin Cliffson
Assistent Manager

Bryan & Theresa Co.

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Karen Bronson

Glamour Salon

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